we are softwarehouse

We produce software.

We always deliver what has been agreed upon.

High quality and on time. That's the only thing that matters.

The title radixal is based on the word "radical" – „uncompromising“, „fundamental“, „revolutionary“.
We are uncompromising – radical in our own quality, know-how and services.
And the „X“? Value Added.

what you get

clean software

teams and experts

analysis, plan, top result

complete coverage of all partial steps

technology and maximum functionality

You may have an idea, then you can have a production team. We will complete any missing parts. The whole solution from your idea, through the analysis to the final software. We will do testing, we will provide you with graphics. We are not finished with handling over the product, you can lean on us after running the project too.

we can produce software

  • for control systems in manufacturing plants
  • web solutions and aplications for large e-shops
  • safe solutions for banking houses
  • business information system

we will provide you with a team of experts

  • who will strengthen your own team
  • and allow you to concentrate fully on business
  • while we will provide security of your network and project
  • will effectively push your project to the goal

what we do

You can have an idea, you can have a production team.
We will complete the missing parts.

we know how

You know what you need, but you do not know how to get it? We will do analysis, choose technology, and deliver solutions. Take advantage of our experience.

more, faster

Are you not satisfied with the performance of your team? We will identify the weaknesses, Increase team efficiency, build a transformation plan and implement it. Increase team efficiency.

turnkey contract

You know what you need, but you do not know how to get it? We will do analysis, choose technology, and deliver solutions. Do not pay for effort but only for result.

tight deadline

Is there an urgent need to increase production capacity? We will deliver the team according to your requirements with guaranteed productivity. Expand your capabilities.

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about us

After decades in IT, we know how to get the best out of people and technologies. We know how to be productive. We lead projects the most effective way to reach the goals. We provide analysis, planning, product, consultation, people. We are technology exprts. We handle both emergency situations and exceptional projects.

Marketing, consultations

Thanks to his experiences in managing large projects, performs perfect input analysis, reveals weaknesses and suggests further steps.

I appreciate a reliable behaviour, I propose a win-win strategy.

People, teams

He selects and assembles a tailored motivated expert team and leads it towards the best result. Directly and without complications.

I know the key to success. Clear plan and experienced team.

Programming, development

He will choose the best technology for your project. He guarantees the accuracy of the proposed solution and the absolute quality of the delivered code.

I'm not afraid of quick decisions if they are right.

You will meet our other colleagues during development on your projects. We will choose for you the best programmers and developers, who perfectly mastered to your chosen technologies. We will provide you with software architects, graphics, coders, and team leaders. Scrummastery and marketers.


successfully completed projects
own successful products
years of team development
original software tailored solutions


Development of internal information system

Maintenance and development of internal information system


Peer-to-peer financial platform

Development of a clone of popular platform for lending among people for foreign market


Calculation of energy performance of buildings

Online CAD system for modelling and energy assesments of the building

Oxy e-shop

Popular e-shop platform

Development of existing e-shop for domestic hypermarket.


Construction calculations

Idea, analysis, planning, solution and software development, testing, marketing, applications, business


Vývoj autonomního vlaku

Návrh SW architektury systému pro autonomní řízení vlaku.


Terminal network management software

Analysis, planning, team, software development, testing, applications

Nemetschek SCIA

Design and FEM analysis of structures

Complete system for design and analysis of building structures using FEM calculations.


Intelligent measurement

Software development for intelligent measurement in transport, testing, final delivery


Application software

Web application for managing graphic artefacts, development, testing, handover



Web pages with intuitive user interface for content management. Tailored according to client requirements.

  • intuitive web administration
  • multilingual web
  • connection to social networks
  • responsive design

Enduring Quality

Integrated test framework. Desktop, web, mobile. UI, API, performance, and integration tests.

  • proven functioning procedures
  • combining tailored to the needs of the client
  • increasing productivity and quality
  • implementation from A to Z

Active Control

Everything you ever wanted to know about your people. Psychodiagnostics of personality and interaction in real-time in your hands.

  • monitors communication of the organization's employees
  • evaluates its content, structure, rhythm
  • performs psychological diagnostics
  • reveals incidents and miscommunication

what we work with

With technologies and experts. Our specialists guarantee the quality of your project.
Productivity, however, comes with the ability to choose the right and proven tools without experiments, risks and losses.